Where Our Books Go

Our books are distributed:
• Through more than 100 agencies across the state
• Through a special partnership with New Jersey Youth Corps
• Directly to children at community outreach events
• To adult correctional facilities to support parent/child reading programs



Our Books are Distributed Through Agencies Across the State

Bridge of Book’s distribution network includes over 100 New Jersey agencies and organizations serving at-risk and underprivileged children.

Our recipient agencies include:

The Community YMCA
Creative Beginnings Pre-School & Childcare Center
Family Growth (Catholic Charities)
Foster and Adoptive Family Services
HeadStart (multiple locations)
Irvington Family Development Center
New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services (multiple locations)
Oak Street School
St. Ann’s Child Care Center
St. Anthony’s Food Bank
Woodbridge Child Diagnostic and Treatment Center

Our Books are Distributed Through a Special Partnership with New Jersey Youth Corps

Early on, we started to collaborate with the New Jersey Youth Corps in an effort to broaden the distribution of books to underserved communities throughout New Jersey. The New Jersey Youth Corps is a full-time voluntary program with a strong focus on community service that provides education, work experience and life skills training to approximately 1,000 low-income out-of-school youths between the ages of 16 and 25. Youth Corps supervisors and members pick up and distribute books directly to at-risk children in their own communities.

The relationship has been and continues to be a win-win for groups, enabling Youth Corps members to identify and benefit children in their communities and allowing us to reach more children efficiently.

We has donated books to all eleven Youth Corps sites including: Asbury Park, Camden, Trenton, Vineland, Jersey City and Edison, with many of these sites receiving anywhere from two to four donations per year. The number of books that these youths have helped to distribute is in the tens of thousands.

We Distribute Books Directly to Children at Community Outreach Events

We participate in community events such as resource fairs distributing books directly to children who attend. Parents and children are often surprised to learn that the books are free and they are delighted to take books home to keep.

We also sponsor events to coincide with Read Across America Week. From massive book distributions to in-classroom reading, we love to celebrate Read Across America Week!

We Distribute Books Through Adult Correctional Facilities

We are currently donating books to four adult correctional facilities in New Jersey. The books help support the Project Storybook program, which assists incarcerated parents in creating audiotapes of them reading books for their children. The book and the tape of the parent reading it are sent to the child. In addition to getting books into the hands of children who need them, our donations to these facilities have the added benefit of improving adult literacy and helping to support an ongoing parent-child relationship during the parent’s incarceration.