What People Are Saying

We receive hundreds of thank you letters a year from children, educators and participating agencies who have received books.  We believe these letters provide an excellent measure of our impact and importance.

“I am excited to volunteer for the 3rd consecutive year! Although this event is for the benefit of the children, there are so many selfish reasons I return each year: the opportunity to be as silly as I dare in reading old favorites like “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?”; the smiles and gratitude expressed by the children; and the sobering reminder that a simple book read aloud should not be taken for granted. I thank everyone at Bridge of Books for this mutual gift.” — Janice Havay, Red Bank, Volunteer

“The variety of Spanish and bi-lingual books you provided to us filled a critical need, enabling non-English-speaking parents to engage their children in the act of reading.  The books you donated put smiles on the faces of so many children and parents, as they were able to leave the fair with new, age- and language- and developmentally-appropriate books to call their own.” — Jennifer Valverde, Esq., Special Education Clinic, Rutgers Law School (April 2011)

“Thank you (Bridge of Books) for being a spark in my kids’ lives that will grow to a raging fire of endless light!  Books + motivated teacher = impact!” — Nicole Boehrig, 9th grade teacher – Teach For America, Newark (October 2010)

“I had a great time in the kindergarten classes. I read Caps for Sale, Down by the Sea with Mr. Magee and Mama Don’t Allow. The children loved Caps for Sale and were saying the monkey “tsk, tsk, tsk” part without prompting by the end of the book. Down by the Sea is a rhyming book which they also loved. They were guessing the rhymes by the end of the story. Mama Don’t Allow was fun but doesn’t invite the same type of participation. The children were so sweet and affectionate — many of them were hugging me before the end of my visit. My friends and I look forward to the event. They always say they could happily spend the entire day reading to the children. Thanks for planning this event and everything else that you do. — Susan Earley, Volunteer

“As a librarian, I have a great passion for inspiring children to read.  I truly admire the great work that you and your organization are accomplishing.  Nothing could be more important.” — Theresa Szeliga, School Librarian, Mercer County (May 2009)

Bridge of Books has taken my requests for specific titles and has often provided multiple copies of books.  This allowed me to introduce several teachers to the idea of book clubs in the classroom.  Not only could I provide teachers with the methodology for literature circles/book clubs and laud the benefits of discussing literature, but I was able to provide the books for them to do so.  All literacy coaches should be so lucky.  So many of my students have benefited from Bridge of Books and Ms. Daly’s dedication, I can’t imagine the impact this organization has had across the state.” — Darla Salay, M.Ed., Florence Township School District (July 3, 2008)

“When I see kids eyes light up for a book, the very simple medium which has been used to tell stories and convey meaning for centuries, and while this book is being read, I see kids smile with anticipation and sheer joy that can only come from the simple, yet meaningful process of reading, and then I realize … this is also such a gift for me, the reader! Thanks for including me …” — Dawn Garvey, Rumson, NJ; Volunteer

“We delivered books to an after-school program in Camden that had no books.” — Camden NJ Youth Corps (2007)

“Our goal is to help our students learn to love to read, and through your foundation’s generosity, we have the tools to work towards that goal.” — Principal, Pemberton Township School District (June 14, 2007)

“It was heartwarming to see so many children get engaged with the book I read to them. The kids had insightful comments and responses – and overall, I just enjoyed hearing them get involved in literature. And it was so nice to see the teachers sit back and enjoy the story too.” — Susan Murray, Little Silver, NJ; Volunteer

“Thank you again for your continuing support of our literacy mission in the Great Start Program. . . We are especially appreciative of the Bilingual and Spanish children’s books you have consistently provided for our every-growing Spanish speaking population.  Our schools’ populations are 54% Spanish-speaking.  Many of the families in our program did not have one book in their homes before they joined our program!” — Elizabeth H. Keshish, Ed. D. of Great Start, Red Bank (July 9, 2004)

“Our students were thrilled by the opportunity to choose books to take home…A second grade child told us that ‘these books are the first ones I’ve had to keep forever.” — Sheila A. Buck, Vice Principal, Keansburg Elementary School (March 15, 2004)

“I just adored the Children. They were so eager to listen to the stories and then to be told, “I love you!” after reading a story … just touched my heart!!!” — Jeanie DeGroot, Middletown, NJ; Volunteer

“Your generous donation enables us to continue to help homeless young mothers become self-sufficient and improve their parenting skills while breaking the cycle of welfare-dependence.” — Eileen M. Higgins, Executive Director of Spring House, Eatontown (May 22, 2003)

“Our tutorial program was established because far too many children, already challenged by economic and social barriers, do not have access to appropriate literature and often struggle with basic reading level.  With help from Bridge of Books, we can enhance our remedial reading program.  Imagine the joy for our kids in taking a book home!” Hillary Roberts, Director of Development & Volunteer Resources of ASLAN Youth Ministries, Red Bank (September 11, 2003)

“I love books and I want kids to be able to experience that same excitement I get from reading a great book.  The kids last year were just so welcoming and enthusiastic about us coming in and reading to them.  And the look on their faces when we told them they could take the books home with them was just icing on the cake. Bridge of Books is such a great and necessary cause.” — Kathleen Carey, Middletown, NJ; Volunteer