Kids Speak Up!

Many children write to tell us how much they enjoyed reading the books they received and asking for more – highlighting the need for ongoing access to books and illustrating the impact books can have.

Here is a sample of what kids are saying about Bridge of Books:

“Thank you for giving us free books…your books taught me everything I know about sports.” — Thomas

“I like reading because I get cool pictures in my mind after I read.” — Young reader, unsigned

I’m thankful you donated these books because probably if you didn’t I’ll [sic.] probably still wouldn’t like reading. It meant a lot to me. — Kiara, 9th grade (October 2010)

“Reading is an amazing thing and you are helping every child, step by step, become a better reader…. I believe when you give a child a book you are giving them a reason to become better students.” — Reiko, 8th grade (April 2011)

“Thank you for helping our reading skills!” — Nathaniel (March 2010)

“Thank you so much for the 300 books that you have donated to Visions Academy Charter High School….Reading enhances the mind and helps an individual become more literate, and because we have more books in our classroom library, we are able to do so … Reading, for me, is a chance to escape reality when it becomes too over-whelming, and most times, it does.  Unfortunately, I read all the books in my house.  So, because of the books that you gave with the kindness of your heart, I can still make an exit from the world, and enter my imagination.” — Marjorie G. (9th Grade)

“These books will help allow us to form book clubs, and have a lot of other activities dealing with the books.  This would help us build up on our vocabulary, and have stronger writing skills.  You might not know this, but you [Bridge of Books] just helped a whole school of high schoolers in one more step completing their goals to success.” — Ashley L. (9th Grade)

“I think you for all of the books for our school.  You rock!”Zyquil,  2009

“Thank you for books.  I can learn words that I do not know.” — Olunasei, 2009

“The book I chose is The Golden Compass. I have just finished it and it is the best book I have ever read.  Without your donation, I would have never read a book as good as this.” — Omar, 2010

“We recently received your donation and now I can gladly say that I have yet another book to add to my collection of stories from Bridge of Books.  I was thrilled to begin reading the novel …. that I selected.  I can not begin to explain to you how many nights I have sat in bed, my eyes glued to the pages of the novel….” — May, 2010

“Thank you for reading a great book to us.  We loved the book.  Most of all thank you for letting us keep the two great books.  We will read them sometime soon.” — Briyanna, 2010